On every island in Hawaii families are sleeping in tents on the beaches, tucked away in the lava, and camped in public parks. Homeless parents work full time jobs while children do their homework by flashlight – in cars parked in Hawaii’s towns and cities. Many of our elderly have to decide between medication or food at the grocery store, and the mentally ill of our state are left with little resource but to sleep outside. Homelessness in Hawaii is a growing epidemic, and these statistics are heartbreaking:

  • Statewide, 12-15,000 people are homeless at some point of the year.
  • At least 6,300 are homeless at any given day.
  • 11% of those living without housing are children.
  • 32% of the homeless are of Native Hawaiian ethnicity.
  • 22% of Hawaii’s homeless have some form of employment.
  • 14% of those homeless are veterans.

In Fiscal Year 2014, Hawaii County provided:

  • Outreach services to 1,770 individuals who were living in unsheltered situations.
  • 48% were single persons and 52% were individuals in families.
  • 27% were children under the age of 18.
  • There were 224 family households with children were provided assistance through outreach efforts.
  • Hawaii County had the highest proportion of chronically homeless clients at 34% (437 persons).
  • 60% (1,064) represented the majority of new homeless clients served, which was a 53% increase from the previous fiscal year.

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