Outreach Programs

Our outreach team engages with people experiencing homelessness, who are disconnected from available resources. They may be living on the streets, in cars, in the bushes, or in emergency shelters. We assist them in accessing health, housing and social services. Even if we can’t get them into shelter right away, we follow up with them, keeping in regular contact as we work together toward permanent housing.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

See Disaster Relief for the latest COVID-19 updates.

Our Outreach and Street Medicine teams are literally bringing water and soap to encampments and educating people about protecting themselves and each other. We’ve printed and laminated cards with the info below, and are sharing them with our houseless community. Click images to download pdfs.

Additionally, we are working with community partners to offer pop-up, drive-thru, COVID-19 testing clinics. We will post updates about future clinics on our Facebook page.


Keolahou is an emergency shelter and assessment center for single men, and is Hawaiʻi Island’s first ʻohana zone. It is located at the Old Hilo Hospital, just half a mile makai from Hilo Medical Center.

Street Medicine

Street Medicine brings medical care out of the clinic, and directly to the people who need it most.

Make a referral

Do you know someone who needs help? Are you unsure, but think they might be experiencing homelessness? Contact us to make a referral. The more information you can provide, the better. Our Outreach team will attempt to make contact with them on their scheduled visits around the island. The more specific information you can provide, the better. Useful information includes name, physical description, how many people they are with, children, pets, precise location (addresses, cross streets, or landmarks), medical conditions, and anything else that will make it easier for our Outreach team to find and make contact with the individual. You may choose to remain anonymous.

“Without [HOPE Services], we wouldn’t be where we’re at today...I thank them from the bottom of my heart”

Jamie, HOPE client