August 12, 2015

Aloha Friends and Supporters of HOPE Services Hawai’i,

It is with a heavy heart as we announce that HOPE Services Hawai’i, Inc. will no longer be the social support provider for Na Kahua Hale O Ulu Wini, effective August 13, 2015.

On July 01, 2015, Hawai’i Affordable Properties, Inc. was selected by the County of Hawai’i to provide the property management and specialized social support services for the Kaloko Housing Program, Na Kahua Hale O Ulu Wini (Ulu Wini).

In an effort to minimize disruption to the on-going social support services being provided to Ulu Wini residents during the transition period, HOPE continued to remain as a site service program while in negotiations with the new property manager, optimistic of entering into a service agreement that would work for both parties.

Throughout this period, HOPE has continued to provide direct services without a contract from Hawai’i Affordable Properties and regrettably, we are unable to secure an agreement that will allow HOPE to continue to provide the specialized services to the residents at Ulu Wini in the approach and manner that HOPE facilitates its support practices.

HOPE’s last day of service at Ulu Wini concluded this evening.

It has been with great pleasure and gratitude that HOPE has been able to serve the residents of the Ulu Wini community since the housing project’s inception in 2011. We hope that the personal successes that residents achieved, in-part from the supportive programs established by HOPE and its partners, will have an enduring positive impact on the keiki and ‘ohana we were so privileged to serve.

The programs, activities and relationships we have developed throughout the facilitation of Ulu Wini have created lasting memories for everyone involved and we have all of the residents, the County of Hawaii Office of Housing & Community Development, community partners, volunteers and supporters to thank. We are truly saddened that our time at Ulu Wini has come to an end.

We wish the continued success of this County of Hawaii supportive housing project for West Hawai’i, as Hawai’i Island continues to struggle with the pervasive issues of homelessness and affordable housing.

Mahalo for your continued support,
Brandee Menino
Chief Executive Officer