From the moment they took me in, HOPE Services staff had been friendly, quick and compassionate. Being a single mom, I have needed a lot of help, and they have been there for me every step of the way.

I actually started my journey homeless in my ninth month of pregnancy because I was living with my father, who had passed away. I tried to find an apartment on my own, but everything was too expensive for me. I immediately went down to the homeless shelter where they were able to take me in.

Knowing my sensitive position, as I could give birth at any moment, I was placed in an emergency position on the waitlist for Ulu Wini Apartments. With God and the urgent care of all the HOPE Services staff, a miracle happened. I gave birth to my daughter five days after moving in.

My daughter is now one year old and I since have been still working hard, maintaining my employment, and attending classes and meetings at Ulu Wini. I am now excited to say I am in the midst of being accepted for permanent housing at Ulu Wini. My endless thanks and gratitude will forever go towards all who’ve helped me on my incredible journey.

HOPE Services and Ulu Wini Apartments have given me everything I needed for a foundation for an abundant future for my daughter and me. And it just goes to show if you work really hard and take help from people, like HOPE Services, you can fulfill all your heart’s desires. So I would just ask, please everyone, do not ever give up. Because I literally started with nothing, absolutely nothing but the hope in my heart.

God bless all of you.