How to Submit Testimony to the Hawaiʻi State Legislature

The state legislature is in session, and that means that there will be hearings on bills that could greatly impact the services we provide.

We put together a tutorial on how to submit your comments on a bill to our state representatives. When you submit testimony 24 hours before the hearing, it’ll be compiled into a public document that will be given to the legislators. Late testimony is helpful too–if there is enough time, staff will try to include it.

It’s shocking how few testimonials are received–often, there are fewer than 20, for bills that would impact our entire state.

This means your voice carries real weight.

When bills to help us fight homelessness come up, we’ll post them to our Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to follow us there! We’ll also post our sample letters that you are free to use as-is, or edit then submit.

Keep this window open as you visit the state legislature website at, for step-by step instructions on submitting your testimony.

Hawaiʻi State Legislature Website