I’m from the mainland but at the age of 8 I got adopted and brought to Hawaii from California and so my family is from Kohala side. I’ve been homeless for a long time in the streets in Hilo. I have two kids, my daughter is 13 years old and my son is 8. I don’t see them, I wish I can one day, but I don’t see them.

I’m mentally disabled, I take medications. When I was younger I was sexually abused and raped. I couldn’t function and ended up in the state hospital. It’s hard for me to concentrate, it’s hard for me to think. I don’t have a job, but I go to classes you know that teach you how to cook and how to find a job. By only income is through my SSI.
HOPE Services is so awesome, it is a blessing in my life. I walked into the office one day, it was so busy. But I asked, is it possible for me to get a place to live. Can you help me. And they were like SHH Jeffrey’s talking. And they help me. It took 6 weeks, but I have my own place. It’s awesome, after all these years. It was hard for me at first, I got complaints about my guests. But HOPE wants you to succeed, and they helped me make batter choices. I wanted to keep my place. Even though I’m struggling, I have a hard time, at least I have a place I can go home to and take showers.