Make a Difference on a Daily Basis!

Two residents at Kihei Pua

Two residents at Kihei Pua

Client letters to our staff:
“I would like to thank you guys very much….for helping people like me, giving us a chance to shine when we are down and out.”

“I will always remember the help you gave us. We now have an awesome place to live, and I can spend every moment and watch my son grow.”

“you have become such a part of the river of aloha that flows through you and into the world where it is so needed”

“It has been a great process…you made me realize that there is help when it is most needed. I can think straight, sleep good..it’s such a relief.”

“This blessing really helped me and my ohana make ends meet. Thanks for everything”

Lives at Beyond Shelter with family.

Lives at Beyond Shelter with family.

HOPE Services Hawaii, Inc. is seeking qualified caring individuals to assist the homeless in many of our programs. We value the following staff qualities: strong interpersonal skills, computer skills (Windows & Microsoft a must), the ability to be a self-starter, and persons with a strong desire to work in a fast paced, professional team atmosphere. If you want to make a difference in Hawaii’s community, HOPE is the employer for you.

All positions require the following: Good communication skills; proficiency in Microsoft Office. Salaries commensurate with experience. Full-time positions include full benefits package covering medical, dental, vision, and pension. Background screening and current tuberculosis clearance required.

How to Apply
Please visit HireNet Hawaii (www.hirenethawaii.com) to view and apply for available employment opportunities within our organization.

HOPE Services Hawaii is an equal opportunity employer.
No employee shall be subjected to discrimination or harassment, nor be denied employment, or any benefit of employment, on the grounds of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, handicap or disability, age, political affiliation or belief.