Mission, Vision, and Values


We bring to life gospel values of justice, love, compassion and hope through service, empowerment and advocacy.


We envision a world where those who face great challenges realize their value and self worth.



We honor our commitments and stay true to our mission and values.


We live the Gospel call to serve others with love, without judgment, especially the poor and vulnerable.


We value and respect all persons, at every stage and condition of life.


We treat others as we want to be treated.


Our work is directed with a greater purpose and faith in loving God and our neighbor.


We challenge ourselves to meet the highest standards of service and leadership.

Each step of the ancient Hawaiian house building process, from the selection of the site to the final dedication, required thought, respect, and intention. Rules governed not only the house’s location, but also the method of construction, the arrangement of the mats for sleeping, and the procedure for moving in. Blessings such as long life were expected to result from proper respect and attention to these rules.

HOPE Services Hawaii, Inc. brings this respect, intention and structure to every individual and family that we serve. Like the first corner posts that are placed, we provide basic needs through outreach for a firm foundation on solid ground. As the lashing and cordage bind the beams together, our case management services support each client’s commitment to seeking a better future. And like roof thatching overhead, we provide emergency, transitional, and permanent shelter from the storm.